Top 10 Fun Hen Party Activities from Becky Boogie Boots…

1.       Be a Single Lady Who doesn’t want to strut their stuff, toss their hair and shake it like Beyonce! With over 20 themed hen dance workshops, from Sassy 20’s Chicago to Modern day pop stars, Diva Dance Academy has the ingredients for all your hen party dancing needs! Dress to impress, have fun and dance the night away in true Diva Style. You’ll have the time of your life and he’ll know who’s boss on the dance floor!

2.       Cocktail Making Orgasm? Yes please! Book you and your ladies onto a cocktail making course and have a girly laugh whilst competing to create and name the best cocktail in the house! Whilst this is not as energetic as some hen activities it certainly ranks high in my top 10 fun ideas, and will definitely set you up for the clubbing night ahead. Move over Tom, because “I’ve got the hippy hippy shakes”!!

3.       Karting The ladies are in town and we mean business on the tracks! Get suited and booted and take part in a Grand Prix Race to determine the fast movers, and seriously, you can go fast in these babies! Includes presentation and trophies for the top drivers. The boys will not be expecting you to take up this challenge!

4.       Spa Day Go on RELAX you deserve it after putting up with him! Just kidding. Treat yourselves to a facial, massage, sauna, steam room, (I’m feeling relaxed now just typing about it). A great choice for a quieter hen do, or to revive yourself after a mad night out! Either way you can’t beat lounging around with your ladies having a good old natter about life!

5.       Hula Hooping That’s right ladies, retro hula hoops are back in! Book a Hula Hooping hen dance workshop and put those hips to the test! By the end of this fun workshop you’ll have mastered basic skills and be spinning the hoop with any part of your body you can get it on! This is definitely one for those wanting to do something unique and different for their hen party.

6.       Surfing Ok, we’re not in California but Surf is still up! Take your hen party down South and visit the top class waves of Devon and Cornwall. This hen activity makes for a great weekend getaway. Rent a cottage and make the party your own! Top ten – Games to play on a hen weekend night in coming soon…

7.       Cheerleading Hey Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind! Work it with a professional choreographer and create your own hen party dance workshop routine! You’ll be laughing well into the night about this fun dance class. What do we say? We say OK!

8.       Pole Dancing What used to be classed as seedy is now classed as an Olympic sport? Book a Pole Dancing lesson and challenge yourself. Looking sexy whilst gripping a metal pole between your thighs is a tough gig but someone’s got to do it! If anything, this event makes for some great pics and is a winner with all the top celebs!

9.       Zorbing (sphering) Fancy strapping your hen into a huge see-through ball and sending her screaming down the hills? Oh, you are evil, but I like it! Go crazy with the latest craze.. Zorbing is not for the fearful, but a few screams always go down well on camera. Whoahahahah! She’ll thank you after for a great experience and the adrenaline rush!

10.   Arts & Tassel Craft If this doesn’t liven up the party I’m not sure what will! Make your own customised underwear and nipple tassels with The Showgirl Academy school of Cabaret and Burlesque dance and make them twirl!! Turn your Primarni lingerie into a stunning showgirl outfit.

He’ll thank you for this one ;)

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